Saturday, March 27, 2010

book reviews

A loot of bloggers I follow seem to get books for free to review. I'm envious of them! ARC copies~ signed copies~ wow.

I want to review books for free too! I joined 2 book reviews website, requested one book on each site, waiting for them to arrive which might take a month and review them before the dateline. Then I won a book from fireandicephoto and since I'm getting it for free I might just do free review as well :D

I hope to get review copies from my local publishers but I don't know much local publishers, sadly. I know one that I like but each books they published are quite best-selling type (locally at least) and they did not provide email...

I hope to win books from more contests too, and more international book contests, because a lot of books aren't imported to Malaysia. Plus I'm still a high school student, I couldn't afford buying a lot books.

I'm actually willing to post some of my future book reviews on my personal blog too.. but I'd like to keep most of the reviews and all on this blog. That blog is like.. mainly just friends reading. oh well..

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