Monday, April 5, 2010

Movies in my brain

I'm participating movies In My Brain, a project/activity/whatever by

First of all, Miley Cyrus ruined The Last Song, even though I haven't watch, I know, I am sure! *cries* Go back to your Hannah Montana!

Well, the last movie I watched was Alice in Wonderland 2D (movie premiere! :p of 2d. On 8 March. Wow nearly movieless for one month already.)

I love Johnny Depp and his movies. I love Tim Burton's weird movies too. But some seem too scary I didn't watch / didn't dare / lazy. However I watched Demon Barber and I felt really.. well..

HAHA THE RED QUEEN IS SO FUNNY LOL! So evil and mean and etc but LOL I LIKE. Otherwise this movie might be quite boring.

LOL! Her castle is soooo white! and ew at cooking finger and iforgotwhat's urine. Alice drank it ew. Btw, lol at her movements.

"I'm Um from Umbridge" sorry I forgot what exactly she said. maybe I modified a lil' :D

LOL AT THIS TWINS! Always disagree with each other. and what did red queen call them? HAHAHAHA

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Audrey; (AyC) said...

Hi Fiona! It's Audrey from holes In My brain :)

Thanks so much for participating in this shin-dig and my contest. I linked your post here .
I loved the pictures you put up for Alice in Wonderland, i really really want to see that movie! Personally, I think the tweedledee/dums are adorable. And I agree, the Red Queen looks really... interesting. I think she plays Bellatrix from HP, which is like "woah".

Awesome post!

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