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This week we have a couple new things to do in order to consider yourself "entered" into my contest.

ONE: Copy this blog post in your blog, link it back here, voila!
TWO: Change your Twitter icon to SEA --what can I say? I like Blue People! RT'ing the contest also counts if you have an avatar you are SO in love with (like Damon) and cannot possible change. ;) )
THREE: Add SEA to your Goodreads list and/or Vote for SEA in a debut/blue book etc. "list"
FOUR: And this is where things get interesting.

Everyone knows I like teen TV. Love the CW. Love Life Unexpected, Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries.

But I *hear* that Life Unexpected might be getting cancelled because of lack of viewers (gasp!) This is one of the sweetest, funniest, full-of-heart shows on TV and I love it. If it get cancelled I will cry. SO.

THIS ONE IS SAVE ONE SHOW (SOS) Courtesy of E-Online--all you do is CLICK!

AND/OR Sign this petition!

Please. Thank you.

FIVE: Did you see last night's Gossip Girl where Chuck went totally out of character and basically broke all character development (I'm guessing) for ratings and/or shock value? Not only did they reuse a tired (and pro-prostitution) plot of this movie:

They go on to suggest Chuck was in full support of his uncle's—with the character range of a shark— wicked plan.


YA author Kody Keplinger (THE DUFF) and I were so appalled by this that we decided to write new endings to save Chuck's reputation and to keep from throwing left-over Easter eggs at the TV.

As writers, we NEED TO STAY CONSISTENT with character development. Especially for a character like Chuck who has developed SO much and it has taken SO long. The fans have been rooting for him to change and when he finally does (and is completely believable and happy) to resort back to awful behavior is a cop-out. As fans, we are not happy.

If you are also unhappy, please send your thoughts here:

If you are happy don't pick option 5

SIX: Make a VLOG! Be creative. Just mention SEA somewhere. Bonus points for a SAVE LIFE UNEXPECTED or RANTING about character consistency. ANd singing. (Bonus points are in my heart. ;D )

OKAY, that's it!
Leave in comments what you chose to do.
Pick three!

Check back later this afternoon for a *new and improved ending* right here. :D

Contest ends at MIDNIGHT FRIDAY PST!

Thanks for playing!

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