Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Once Upon A Read-a-Thon - Mini Challenge

This is a post for a mini challenge at I have to choose a favourite book or character, and pair it/him/her with a song or photo or both that reminds me of the person or the setting in the book.

Well, so far, my biggest book crushes are Ivan from If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern, and Luke Brandon from Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella. I can't pick just one of them! So it's a tie. They're both awesome, and ideal. :D

So, during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, I accidentally got the football fever. Of course, I paid more attention to football hotties, not that I didn't pay attention to the games kay!

Anyway, even though Cristiano Ronaldo is undeniably hot and sexy and good looking, he's not my number 1 favourite. :p and he doesn't really fit Luke Brandon or Ivan that I have in my head.

This is my number 1 favourite and my biggest crush! I just realised that he actually fits Ivan and Luke Brandon both characters pretty great! But he's a footballer, not an actor.

Let me introduce you to my husband/fiance/boyfriend/crush, Kaka, the super cute, super good looking, super sexy, super near-perfect Kaka!

Just look at his super bright smile that melts me a million times, and I'm still melting! His smile is so natural, so cute, and just make my go "aww..." every single time, without fail! I just can't resist a guy with a smile like that!! His smile.. makes me smile.

Kaka seems like a really fun person too! Probably because of his perfect smile. But really, he does seem like a fun person to be with! Playful and naughty. :D

Gosh I think he is near-perfect! Don't steal him away from me! He's very very very extremely good looking, hot, bright cute smile, awesome football player, fun, naughty, playful, and not to mention that he's rich! $_$ Not that his richness matters that much.

He must be very sweet with his wife (aww and T_T simultaneously!). I heard his wife is his childhood sweetheart. Now, marrying a childhood sweetheart, HOW SWEET IS THAT?! Thus, he's also not a playboy like someone *cough*cristiano*cough*.

Oops, I think I turned this post into a Kaka-Fangirl-Post. My bad.

Well, the Luke Brandon I have in my head, super good looking but also business man-ish, doesn't look very young, teenager-young (thus my celebrity crushes don't fit in!) and doesn't look very old! I don't know how to say that, not as young as Logan Lerman and Justin Bieber, they look too teenagers and too young, and Robert Downey Jr. looks too old for Luke Brandon. I don't really like the actor that plays Luke Brandon in the Shopaholic movie too, nothing against the actor, but he's just very far from the Luke Brandon I have in my head.

But, Kaka fits Luke! At least that's what I think. He's super handsome, and just see him in his suits! Rich-looking enough and serious enough, and yet still sexy and good looking!!

As for Ivan, he's casual, he's playful, he's fun, and he's invisible *frowns*. Let's forget the invisible part. Honestly, Kaka might not be the perfect fit for Ivan. He looks a little.. not right. Maybe he doesn't look invisible enough! But other than that, he's pretty great for Ivan! Kaka pulls T-shirts (AND jerseys of course!) look off! Wearing T-shirts to work, yet looking serious enough for working, and casual enough for not working. I'm confusing myself. Anyway, I could see him playing and dealing with children too, since he has one himself, and he looks so happy with his baby! He's also very playful and fun looking!

No wonder I'm in love with Kaka! He fits BOTH my dream fictional crushes!

Oh wait, the best new player of FIFA World Cup 2010, Thomas Muller (Mueller) looks great enough to be Ivan too!

I would love to feature Iker Casillas in this post too! But he doesn't look like Luke or Ivan. :( Still pretty hot, eh?

Gosh, this post is... oh well..

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