Sunday, August 29, 2010

ATTENTION: Help tracking down this title!

Day from Paperback Dolls read a novel 16 years ago, and she would LOVE to read that book again, but she does NOT know the title of the book! YOU can help this lovely book blogger!

Guess what, if you found the title, you get to win a finished copy of Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, or any other book! If you try to help or promoting, Day will choose 2 winners via and send them random swags!

Come on and join in the hunt! Here's what she remembers.


 In a small mountain town in Colorado ... Alpine? Evergreen? :o ... lives a beautiful and smart girl ... Anne? ... who is a ... senior? ... in High School. She is very popular, dates the football hero and big man on campus, and has a ... twin? ... brother. She enjoys ice-skating and is looking forward to the wonderful future that she has ahead of her. In her senior year, she takes a psychology elective and becomes fascinated with the inner workings of the mind.

 She begins to have troubling dreams ... then wakes to discover that they're coming true! :o Bad things are happening to the people in her life, including her boyfriend and best friend, both of whom have fatal or near fatal "accidents". Is someone playing a lethal game with her and the other people in town? Or is she cursed?


 ... there are supernatural occurrences ... one of the teachers is somehow involved ... her boyfriend may be cheating on her with her best friend ... there could be incestuous feelings between her brother and herself ... or even a teacher / student affair ...

 The novel may be Young Adult ... or Thriller. The author's first name is Christina ... or her last name is Christian ... maybe? :o

 The cover may have a V.C. Andrews look to it ... or a mountain scene! o_o

Go here for the original post by Paranormal-Obsession and comment there!

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